In an ongoing endeavor to provide safety and security for students and staff, school access is required for every individual that is not a staff member of the St. Johns County School District. To learn more and apply for school access click the school district logo below.

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We use SignUp Genius to coordinate our volunteer opportunities and select donation opportunities.  Please look for Sign Up Genius emails and links on our various communication vehicles.



Be dependable and punctual (always calling the school to notify the student and teacher if they are unable to come).


Remember that the teacher is in charge of the classroom.


Conform to school policies and know the importance of the volunteer’s role as a good example of behavior, speech and dress.


Respect cultural differences of young people.


Know that special information about teachers and students is confidential. Keep your observation on a professional level.


Be willing to work under supervision of a staff member.


Talk over any problems with the assigned teacher and the volunteer coordinator.

Schedule parent-teacher conferences for your children during non-volunteer hours.

Follow the teacher’s plans completely.


Ask if you do not understand a directive or assignment.

Have time and a willingness to serve on a regular basis.

Have or be willing to acquire skills needed to improve and enrich a learning program.


Possess a warm, friendly and positive attitude.

Abide by confidentiality rules for all students, personnel, and other school volunteers.


DO NOT assume the responsibility for the discipline of pupils.

Do not chew gum on campus.

Do not smoke on school premises. St. Johns County Schools are all smoke-free.