Teacher favorite lists are located in a binder at the front desk of FCA. 


You are here to support your teacher!  Keep an open line of communication to support when and where your teacher needs you (and your team).

COMMUNICATION: You are the liaison between the PTO and your teacher and parents.  If your teacher has not included PTO announcements in their communications, please communicate the information to your teacher and families.

PLEASE NOTE: Email addresses are classified.  Do not share emails without expressed permission.  When communicating via email - always BCC.


TEACHER GIFTS: The PTO requests Room Parents organize two classroom gifts per year. 

1. Holiday (be mindful of what holiday your teacher celebrates) and

2. End of year (given during teacher appreciation week).


Make sure to take care of your assigned classroom assistant (TA) if you have one.


Each grade level is also assigned a Resource person. Small gifts for Resource teachers are great!


Resource personnel are assigned to the following grades:

K - Media: Fry, Hopkins, and Mikley

1 - PE: Wright, Spaghija

2 - Music: Kohlman

3 - Art: James

4 - STEAM: Brown

5 - Music: Zentz

SUPPLIES:  Butcher paper and the letter cutting machine are located in resource rooms in the Media Center.  These are available to us as long as we respect the space and clean up!

Room Parent Chair: Cindi Garrett