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Rock- painting Etiquette

• Ensure that your messages are affirming and uplifting. Designs should have a caring and nurturing message. All Rock wording and symbols must be positive and in good taste.

• PTO reserves the right to remove/paint over the Rock and will not refund your money if you the Rock contains any of the following:
o Any foul and/or discriminatory language and/or pictures
o Religious statements and/or symbols

o Political statements and/or symbols
• Families, groups, or organizations must supply their own labor, paint, and supplies to paint the rock. Refer to the

recommended supplies list at the bottom of these guidelines for more information.
• You may paint the Rock only. FCA prohibits painting on sidewalks, lamp posts, or buildings. FCA will deem the

family, group, or organization financially responsible for cleaning and repair costs of any damage or destruction to the surrounding areas or buildings.
Note: All paint supplies must stay in the grassed area and off of the sidewalk.

• FCA prohibits you from discarding trash on the school campus. You must take home all items you use for this project and properly discard them at your home. Don’t place projects items/trash in the campus trash bins or dumpsters.

Paint Day

You must paint the Rock between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM the afternoon/evening of your paint day. Exceptions You may paint the include:

Rock the day before your reserved date(s).

Example: If you reserved the Rock for a Tuesday, you may start painting late Monday afternoon.

Painting Supplies

“Renter” supplies all painting materials.

• Monday reservations – If you reserve the Rock for Monday, paint the Rock the Friday before between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

• Teacher Planning Days (TPD) – If you reserve the Rock and the prior day is a TPD, you may paint the rock between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM on TPD.
Note: The school locks the gates at 8:00 PM nightly but may close earlier on TPD. Plan accordingly.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is limited after school hours, especially during the late fall and winter. Parking lot lighting is not available after 6:00 PM on most evenings.

Inclement Weather

If the weather is inclement, plan on painting with an umbrella in hand as we do not offer weather refunds.

Supply List

 Latex paint (exterior) - One to two quarts for background color
 Secondary color latex paint (exterior) – Message wording and designs

 “Rough”roller- Best for covering the background

 Small (1”) brushes or sponges – Lettering and detail work  Chalk – Writing or tracing letters/words before painting  Large trash bag – Removal of all supplies and trash

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