Freedom Crossing Academy has been recognized by the FLPBIS Project as a 2019-2020 Gold PBIS Model School! Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a school-wide framework that, according to national research, enhances student quality of life and reduces problem behaviors. By establishing this framework, we are developing skills, making changes to the school environment, acknowledging appropriate behavior, and using data to identify supports for our students. As a PBIS Model School, we demonstrate a commitment to positive and equitable outcomes for all students!


At Freedom Crossing Academy, we are committed to creating a learning environment where every student is recognized and rewarded for positive behavior. The FCA Expectations, known as the “FCA Way” are embedded in all settings including the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, outside, restroom, stairs, and buses. At Freedom Crossing Academy, we are Focused on Safety, Committed to Responsibility, and Always Respectful.


This year we will continue to use LiveSchool, an app that will help us share behavior feedback with you and your child. Your child will receive positive points in LiveSchool for hard work and good behavior throughout the school day. Our expectation is for all students to be focused on their learning, take leadership roles in the school, use their imagination and creativity in the classroom, demonstrate grit when tasks become challenging, have heart by being kind and working together as a school community, and be a team (grade level and school). These expectations are known as the “FLIGHT” expectations and are aligned to our school mission statement.  Students will receive positive points for meeting the “FLIGHT” expectations and adhering to the FCA Expectations. All teachers and staff members can award LiveSchool points which allows students the opportunity to receive points in all settings throughout the school day.  In addition to positive feedback, we will also give feedback on negative choices. As part of our school-wide positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS), negative choices will not result in negative points deducted in LiveSchool. You will be able to access all of this information right from your computer or phone by downloading the free LiveSchool app.


We want to make learning fun for your child this year. As part of our use of LiveSchool, your child will be able to spend his or her points on various classroom and school-wide rewards. We are going to be focusing on positive reinforcement and encouragement and hope that your child earns lots of exciting rewards! Due to CDC safety guidelines and protocols, the FCA team is getting creative on how to keep the LiveSchool momentum strong for students attending brick and mortar or distance learning.


We will be working hard to make this the best school year yet for your child!  To learn more, please visit the following web address for a short video introduction to the service: LiveSchool Parent Resource.


During the first weeks of school, your child will receive a letter with more information about how to activate their LiveSchool account and how to activate two parent LiveSchool accounts. We will be sharing more information about LiveSchool and our school-wide positive behavior interventions and supports during the virtual Curriculum Chats. For more information about our successful PBIS program and our LiveSchool implementation plan, please read the PBIS handbook. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.



Melissa Lime

Assistant Principal