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Thank you for volunteering your time to serve as Room Parent for your child’s class! It is an important part of our school’s community as well as a fun and rewarding way to be involved.

As Room Parent you are there to help the teacher in whatever type of assistance works best for them. (Ask your teacher for their specific needs/expectations). You will also act as liaison between the PTO and class parents to help communicate PTO information and encourage parents to volunteer and be involved.

Responsibilities may include:


  • Coordinate volunteers, activities or donations as needed by the teacher. (SignUpGenius works great for this)


  • Communicate PTO information and events to parents. Get a class email roster from your teacher. Email is the preferred method of communication. ***Always use BCC. Email addresses are to be kept confidential.*** Please run emails through the teacher before sending them and copy the teacher on emails sent to parents.


  • Organize class gifts for the teacher/teacher assistant. PTO recommends organizing 2 class gifts for the year -December/Holidays and End of Year. Teacher Appreciation week is May 2nd- May 6th. The End of Year gift can be coordinated with the Friday of Teacher Appreciation Week. Mark your calendar with the teacher’s birthday and send out their favorites list to parents beforehand. Some ideas for making a teacher birthday special include having kids make cards, bringing the teacher lunch or flowers, painting the rock, bringing them coffee. Classes will also be assigned a Resource Teacher. Small gifts for them during the holidays and at the end of the year means a lot to them. Contributing to gifts is optional. Do not ask for specific amounts. Any contribution is appreciated.


Be sure to like and follow the Freedom Crossing Academy PTO main Facebook page and join our FCA Room Parent 2021-2022 Facebook group to stay up to date on information.


Please feel free to email, text or call me at anytime with questions.


Liz Krugliak
FCA PTO Room Parent Coordinator


EACAGE@HOTMAIL.COM | 863.632.1677

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